Friday, November 21, 2008

Fall Catch Up!

Can't believe it's been almost 3 months since I started this blog...I had just great intentions on keeping up on it! Here's some pictures of this fall's events...

Dallin started playing football at the beginning of August through the middle of November. It was a huge commitment for all of us but a great experience! Caitlin and I even made the banners for the boys to run through each Saturday. Dallin will tell you it was really hard and he'll never do it again but he wears his "special forces" t-shirt all the time and is really proud that he did such a hard thing! Thanks Nick, Mindy and Allie for coming to a game!

We went to a really fun water park @ Basha High School last September when Melissa and Lexi were here. Parker loved it and begged to go back so I took him and the rest of the kids again on Saturday.

Josh played basketball at the same time Dallin was doing football. This is Josh's 3rd year and it's been fun to see him improve! Here's some pictures with him and his fans...thanks for coming to the game Grandpa B and Mindy and Allie!

Caitlin has decided she wants to play softball this year and has been playing "fall ball" at the high school. The coaches are training with them getting them ready for tryouts in the spring. She loves it...except for the really hard conditioning day on Wednesday! She also got inducted into National Honor Society this week and is looking forward to getting her permit at the end of December. Yikes! This picture was taken before a football game.

I went to visit Nancy the first part of October and we went to the Saturday afternoon session of general conference. It was our first time to see conference live and it was a neat experience. As you can tell from the picture, it was really raining that day! We took a drive through the canyon and the leaves were spectacular! Brynn was nice enough to loan me her bedroom and was my buddy so I wouldn't miss my kids.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Josh's Court of Honor

Hmmm.....This was supposed to be under the scout picture! Still working out the kinks! This is Parker our balloon boy. He has a great imagination and loves balloons and stuffed animals, who he says come alive. I even let the balloon run on the treadmill the other day after he insisted his balloon needed some exercise.

Josh had a Court of Honor on 8/27 and received his 2nd and 1st class along with 6 merit badges. Go Josh! His scout leader commented that he improved the most on the personal fitness badge and compared him to Forrest Gump! We need to get him to run track...he has the perfect body type for it!

Parker was kind of whining through the whole thing until they got to the slide show of all the scout outings and he was really impressed! He told us he's big now and he's going to go to scouts with Josh, which is a huge leap because he's always telling us he's little and he's never going to grow up!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Arizona monsoons hit Queen Creek

We were hit with this horrendous thunderstorm this afternoon which lasted all of 15 minutes but managed to flood the backyard and push this horse trailer across the street! Dallin and Parker took full advantage of the water and played in the "fort" the boys started digging last Christmas break. Paul called it our red neck swimming pool!